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Asphalt Composition Shingles

The most popular type of residential roof material.

Asphalt shingles are currently the most popular type of residential roof material out there – and for good reason. They’re less expensive than other roofing options, they’re fairly durable, they can be maintained or replaced through routine roofing services, and you can get them in different looks, colors or styles to suit your home and your taste.

If you’re ready for a new roof and/or a new look for your home, that’s when it’s time to call your roofing company, Driftwood Builders Roofing. How long a shingled roof lasts will depend on the environment, roof slope, ventilation and other issues. Manufacturer warranties on shingles may extend from 15 to 50 years or even longer – but if you purchase, say, a 20-year shingle, you want to get 20 years out of it if possible. So you’ll be happy to know that our roofing products are as excellent as our roofing services.

Driftwood Builders Roofing offers top-quality asphalt shingles from many of the leading makers in the industry, in a dazzling variety of styles and colors. Basic options to consider include:

3-tab Shingles

The traditional 3-tab shingle is so named because it comes in a strip with notches that give the illusion of separate shingles. This style was the kind you used to see practically everywhere, and it can perform its essential tasks admirably for many years. But from a cosmetic standpoint, the unvaried, rather “flat” look of this style has lost ground in recent years to more textured styles.

Architectural or Dimensional Shingles

You may hear the dimensional or architectural shingle referred to as a “laminated shingle” due to the distinctive nature of its construction. The lamination process that combines multiple layers of asphalt and fiberglas not only add durability and long life; the relatively heavy shingle also appears more three-dimensional on your roof. The dimensional shingle has largely replaced the 3-tab shingle in popularity.

Luxury Shingles

The luxury shingle is a top-of-the-line product meant to serve as a replacement for (or alternative to) cedar shake roofing. Our roofing company may recommend this product to complement certain styles of high-end or custom homes.

For even more shingle information, colors, and design options please click on the links below to our must trusted shingle manufacturers:

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