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What to Expect During the Re-Roof of Your Home

Your home is a big investment, and taking care of it is our priority.

Your home is not only a big investment; its roof is a big part of that investment – literally! The roof is major structural component of your home, which means that a roof replacement can involve removing and replace as much as 7,000 pounds of material. The responsibility is as big as the roof itself, and as in any big construction project, there are risks. Our roofers make your roof replacement project their top priority throughout this complicated, delicate process, not only in their own work by helping to guide you through any steps you can take to contribute to its success.

Below is a list of tasks that will help us to make your roofing experience go more smoothly.

We recommend that you do the following prior to and during the roof replacement project:
  • Please park any cars you use daily on the street so they will not be blocked in during construction.
  • We will need to cover your air-conditioner unit in order to protect it from falling debris. Please do not run your air during the time the unit is covered to prevent damage to the unit.
  • During the project we will need access to an outside live power source in order to use our equipment/tools.
  • Please remove all items from the exterior perimeter of your home that might be in risk of being damaged from falling roof debris.
  • Please cover all items in the attic with plastic. Small pieces of roof debris and dust may fall into the attic or through skylight openings and cannot be prevented. (Our bid does not include cleaning the attic.)
  • Please remove any items from walls and shelving that might become dislodged from vibration and break.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any damage of personal items within the home.
  • A dumpster or a large truck will be placed in close proximity to your home in-order to removing the existing debris from your old roof (most typically in the driveway). Depending on the area you live in, the dumpster and/or truck will either be placed in the street, alley or driveway.
  • We will always attempt to place this equipment as close to your home as possible.
  • Please remember to keep all children and animals inside during working hours for their safety.
  • Please be aware of nails around the home while the job is in progress and until our cleaning crew has gone over the area. (Nails in the grassy areas will be difficult to see)
What you should be aware of during the roof replacement process:

The following problems, while rare, may occur during roof replacement or other construction. Driftwood Builders Roofing cannot be held responsible for these issues, although our roofers will do everything possible to keep them from occurring. Even so, be aware that your property may experience:

  • Possible cracks and nail pops in the sheet rock from vibration.
  • Minor damage to plants and shrubs.
  • Breakage of old, soft, or rotten siding during roof flashing installation.
  • Shifting or breaking of rafters or walls due to the improper construction of home or aging of the home. It is the homeowners responsibility to have the integrity of the home checked if you are concerned due to age or construction.
  • Puncturing of gas hoses and/or HVAC lines that were installed too close too the underside of the decking. Note: one inch is adequate)
  • Marks or cracks in the driveway due to the weight of the delivery of roofing materials or dumpster.

Our roofers at Driftwood Builders Roofing look forward to providing you with a successful, professionally-implemented, high-quality roof replacement. Contact us and let’s discuss the details!


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