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Shingle Roof Replacement

What we build, lasts.

We’ve built our reputation at Driftwood Builders Roofing just as solidly as we build our roofs – by providing customers with the best service and the highest quality workmanship in Austin. We understand that your roof is one of the most important features of your home, and that the last thing you want to deal with is unnecessary maintenance or repairs. That’s why our roofing company provides the best shingle roof replacement service you’ll find anywhere. A properly installed roof using highest quality products should last at least 20 years, and we aim to achieve that.

Do you need a roof replacement?

The first thing our roofing company will do is inspect your roof to make sure that a shingle roof replacement is required. We won’t ask you to replace your roof if less costly repairs will x the problem – but we do want to make sure that any repairs that are made are long-term solutions and not just quick yes. We will look for signs that your roof needs to be replaced, such as shingle curling, algae growth, damaged ashing, missing shingles or granules, shingle buckling or rotting before we will recommend a shingle roof replacement.

The roof replacement process.

Once we have decided that a shingle roof replacement is your best course of action, we will undergo a comprehensive process to replace your old roof. The following are a few of the steps that we will undertake:

  • First of all, we will tear off the old roof and the old felt paper.
  • The entire roof deck will then be inspected to be sure all decking is in good functional condition Spaking. Additionally, we will install new lead boots over your plumbing stacks, new vents over your exhaust openings, new edge flashing and new ice and water shield throughout the roof’s valley areas.
  • We will install starter-strip shingles that are wind resistant before carefully installing asphalt/fiberglass shingles that are fungus resistant.
  • After the replacement we will run magnets through your yard and landscaping to ensure we have picked up as many loose nails and staples possible

Keep exploring these web pages to learn more about our roof replacement processes, products and services – and feel free to contact our roofing company at any time to ask questions or schedule a preliminary inspection!

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